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Introducing the Company

Manufacturer and importer of industrial tools (electric and non-electric) with 4 brands of Alfa Star, Power, Nioton and Delta intending to render services in the industrial arena and advance technology in our beloved homeland of Iran. Our company first commenced its activity in the field of welding machines and rectifier in 1985. Thereafter, due to the desired quality of production in 1985, the company gained the honor of being the first member of the Ministry of Industries and Mines in the above industry and has obtained an official operation license from that esteemed ministry. Then, the company widely imported various tools and industrial equipment with the aim of developing and operating in the field of other tools. Now, relying on its long-term experience in the field of production, the company has been able to select the best and most reputable foreign production units that have the most prestigious international standards as the source of its imported products. The company is also active and cooperates in exporting to neighboring countries and other countries.

The company is engaged in the production of welding cables and wires and power cables and the import of other industrial tools in various types and is also increasing industrial related goods. It should be noted that this company has a special place among sales representatives and customers of our country because its motto in advertisement is "the best advertisement is the satisfaction of sales representatives and customers".

Analysis of the Company

The company operates with 4 brands and has about half a century of brilliant experience in the field of industrial tools and wires and cables. The company also has experienced administrative staff in various fields.

Our company considers timely after-sales service and the satisfaction of sales representatives and dear customers, and is active and cooperates in the field of export to neighboring countries and other countries.

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